i love

When I'm not screaming "Roll Tide", you can find me in the Bayou! I know, I'm a living and breathing oxymoron!  I'm a true southerner who lives for cookouts and fine dining.  I love to travel. Seriously-LOVE! I'm a true Aquarian, so direct me to any "body of water." I'm a certifiable "mama's girl."  We're attached at the hip.  I love thrift stores and Neiman Marcus!  My love for Anita Baker is a little overwhelming.  I think my nephew is the cutest bunch of cells that ever formed!  Documentaries feed my soul!  I can spend an entire day in a museum, unless the Red Sox are playing.  After all, the history of baseball(especially the Negro Leagues) is essential to mankind.  Finding the perfect Fedora is like finding an empty Target.  I believe you should drive the speed limit.  It's the law. Phylicia Rashad is a goddess.  That's it.  

hello. I'm Mo!





I'm often asked, "Do you ever get tired of weddings?"  The answer is, No! My career is a product of the one element of life that existed before time...LOVE.  I'm a believer, encourager and the ultimate advocate for LOVE. 

After 15 years, a couple's first dance still gives me chills.  I will forever lose my mind during a second line and lose my breath before a bride walks down the aisle.  I pray that my couples focus less on having the perfect wedding and more on maintaining the love that guided them to the actual wedding day.  I am honored that my couples choose me to provide documentation of their love stories.  

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Mo's Philosophy