What to expect prior to your wedding day 

 Pre Wedding

    Congratulations!  You've made the wonderful decision to hire us for your wedding.  Now what?  My goal is to allow my couples to be the author of their own timelines.  Schedule your engagement or bridal portraits when you're ready.  If you plan on using engagement portraits for save the dates, you may have to schedule them a few weeks earlier than normal.  Use this time to ask any questions that you need!  If you have a question or concern, feel free to call or email me!  If you're working with a wedding planner, the two of us will schedule several meetings so everyone is on the same page and your wedding day is seamless. 

   Since we offer different collections, some couples will have an additional photographer for their wedding.  We have several assistant photographers that I rotate throughout the year.  During the pre-wedding process, I will decide which assistant will work best for your particular wedding. If you chose a collection that included film photography, we will decide on cameras and film products that work best with your venue. I absolutely love that our clients reach out to me for advice during this time.  Sometimes, it's as simple as the worry that certain colors may clash on camera.  Sometimes, they just need a listening ear.  Whatever it is, we're always available.  I really love to use this time to learn more about my couples and more importantly- for my couples to get to know me.  




what to expect on your wedding day

    Your wedding has finally arrived! So what happens now? My team strives for an experience that is unlike any other. Your day isn't controlled by photos. We capture the emotion of the day by allowing ourselves to be non-invasive. The formal and family photos are uncomplicated and fluent in movement. From the early moments of getting dressed to the last call for champagne, we're there. From the first look to the first dance, our cameras are constantly working to document your story from beginning to end.  
    We consider ourselves to be uninvited guests to a party. We dress for the occasion. We're quiet in hopes of not drawing too much attention to ourselves. We show up with a few cameras, batteries and film. There will not be any distracting lights and equipment. We make sure to always exemplify a behavior that is conducive to the Mo Davis Photography brand. 



   We understand that you are eagerly awaiting your photographs. We pride ourselves in being dedicated to provide you with the best service possible. We love to give our clients a sneak peek of a few photos in 24 hours. Our goal is to provide you with your full gallery of  photographs within 2-3 weeks, including film photos. After you've have time to view and and get familiar with your photographs, we will start your wedding album process. This usually happens 6-8 weeks after wedding day.  

Mo is genuine, kind and every job is extremely important to her.


"Mo is incredibly talented! She captured every emotion"

-Margie & John

"her energy is unparalleled"


"her work is impeccable and unique...paying attention to every detail to commemorate the special moments in our life or bring a vision to reality"

-Matt & Cami

"I look forward to working with clients who trust me to capture their characters and narrate the reality of their lives."

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