I was once told that photographers have to choose a specific path.  There is a road that leads to photographing people and there is a road that leads to photographing things.  I chose the road less traveled.  Refusing to draw a distinguished line between the two, I discovered that details and portraiture are the Erik B & Rakim of photography.  Alone, they each serve their intended purpose but together they become an enchanted narrative.  Can you imagine a novel without the details?  It simply does not exist.  

your photographs are important to us 

all the little details

"Mo is genuine, kind and every job is extremely important to her."


"Mo is incredibly talented! She captured every emotion"

-Margie & John

"her energy is unparalleled"


"her work is impeccable and unique...paying attention to every detail to commemorate the special moments in our life or bring a vision to reality"

-Matt & Cami

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